You could very well be growing your own “Kakaw”

Note: The Kakaw tour is not available until further notice.

“In Puerto Rico, ginger and cacao had become the most important export crops by 1665.”

Yabisi Kakaw is an agroforestry system based cacao farm/nursery in Puerto Rico. It is possible to produce a hi-quality chocolate using agro-ecological resources.

Yabisi Kakaw is working, there in Corozal, on that project. We can take you there so you do live the unique agro experience.
GPS: 18°17’33.4”N 66°21’59.6″W

Taller Introductorio Marzo

Próximo taller introductorio este próximo domingo 19 de marzo. #cacao #agroforestry #PuertoRico

Posted by Yabisi Kakaw on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Now, here’s a video to advance your knowledge on “Kakaw”

And get to know CNN journalist, from Corozal, Leyla Santiago…

Talleres | Yabisi Kakaw

Talleres introductorios mensuales todo el año. Intentaremos coordinar algunos en el área Oeste y Este de la isla. Pronto talleres más avanzados sobre propagación y siembra en sistemas agroforestales, manejo post-cosecha, y creación de chocolate artesanal. #cacao #agroforestry #PuertoRico

Posted by Yabisi Kakaw on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Farm Fund Raising Status