The Root of Performance Within You

Top Human Performance

Too busy?  How busy/freeze in time can you be while living/dying?

Let us break that cycle!

The Angle

You are running up an electric stairway to intervene onto, what looks like an abusive event, against a young lady. Your thoughts, stress level and, performance comes naturally and smoothly. The lady’s safety and yours rely on your training. Dr. Danny Ortiz Legacy strikes the root of performance within you. You serve well, a proud citizen, a martial arts master, son of a legacy.

Legacy Written in Stone




Our Why

We believe your life’s success is based on a readiness formula. We restore your individual energy, safety, and know-how, for you to be and feel great about yourself.  Yes, mind and body!

Our thoughts and actions are based on your success requirements. Martial Arts Mastery gets you there by pressing toward a healthy heart, acquiring muscle strength, strengthening your circulatory system, improving brain functions and performance, ideal bone density and flexibility.

We believe your life’s success is based on that readiness formula. Our martial arts legacy is key to get your world class certified training and recognition. Now accessible and flexible enough to accommodate your schedule. We are serving classes in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Martial Arts Mastery Brain

Dr. Danny Ortiz Ph.D. carries a 45 years martial arts trainer experience, a legacy you can now make your own.

Dr. Ortiz is a Grand Master, 9th Dan Black Belt (highest rank in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean), Worldwide Hall of Fame, pioneer of Taekwondo in Puerto Rico.

Danny Ortiz Martial Arts Academy
1349 Calle Salud
Ponce, PR 00717-2017

Our How

  • Your brain will be expanded

Your mindset, the compass you had deserted, will be fixed and reshaped to your natural human senses.

Nothing happens until you actually visualized it done. You will be trained to power your brain into action.

Practice. Conscious repetition until it becomes autonomous. That’s mental and physical repetition. We provide you a training pen drive to build your training on the go.

  • Your consciousness will be re-open

95% of your decisions come from your subconscious brain, the reptilian brain.

All your life has been manipulated at will with you even knowing it. That will be stopped.

You will regain control of your will.

  • Your wholeness will grow

Strength, cardio, aerobics, flexibility, and meditation to build your mind and body.

Moving On

  • Karate
  • Taekwondo
  • Jujitsu
  • Hapkido
  • Aikido
  • Kickboxing
  • Ninja Arms

Woman Training

Mahiro Takano, the girl in the video, is training since she was four years old.

Click here to see the story.

You can start now, at any age because your wellbeing depends on it.

The Benefits

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