Martial Arts Training for Woman

The stories of Mahiro Takano, the girl in the video,

and her trainer, Takako Kikuchi

Takako Kikuchi relates her teaching experience with Mahiro Takano. “Mahiro’s brother and father got started karate together and later, at the age of 4, Mahiro joined in. She looked so enthusiastic and could not suppress her passion. Once she got started on her own training, she was able to quickly absorb so many techniques and kata. She showed amazingly high concentration and understood and replicated everything I showed her and correctly controlling her body and exerting inner force from the central part of the body. She was amazing from the beginning easily acquiring difficult skills and movements.”

“I find that karate is always a personal challenge. If you immerse yourself in karate with seriousness, you must get improve yourself as part of the process. Therefore, you learn the importance of pursuing objectives. If you can get it, you will have a feeling of accomplishment which is one of the most attractive aspects of karate.” Takako Kikuchi

To exert a strenuous technique or to make a “kiai” (spirit shout), you have to have good control by relaxing or tightening up your body and control your breathing. Through all these aspects of karate training, you can be healthier.

Learning, training, and teaching karate is very supported. My family—my husband, my children—have all supported me so that I could pursue my martial arts goal.

The best ways to improve student performance is by personality monitoring her progress. We must teach with heart and soul.

Let us watch Mahiro Takano punch, kick, and kiai to the sound of Sia’s voice and music.

Martial Arts Mastery Training

Different Styles for Females and Males
Yes, our brains are wired differently. The training acknowledges such peculiarities.

The Amygdala

The female Amygdala, the emotional center of the brain, drives a less aggressive, more compassionate maternal desire to maintain and form attachments, also retaining emotional memories vividly.
The male Medial Amygdala creates and aggressive surviving and procreating motivated man.

The Hippocampus

Language motivated in a woman
Visual motivated in man

The Hippocampus and Stress

Stress enhance learning in men but impairs it on a woman.

Parietal Lobe

More visual and movement-based interaction in men.

Prefrontal Cortex

Bigger in a woman. Better analysis and decision making processes.


10-100 times more in men which thrives well in competition and conflicts. Not the case in a woman. So the training is different on the side of competitive training.


High in a woman making them prompt toward good relations


The stress hormone is released sooner and stays longer in the woman.

Corpus Callosum

Larger in a woman. Better connection between left brain (intuition) and right brain (logic). Better at multitasking.