Welcome to Ponce, Puerto Rico

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Ponce, Puerto Rico – The Neoclassical Architecture

Ponce, located in the Southern Coastal Plain region of the island. The historic Ponce Pueblo (the downtown area of the city) consists of plazas and churches, the early 19th-century Ponce Cathedral, and highly decorative colonial homes, some glorious fountains and a unique fire station. There are also impressive modern creations like the gigantic cross that overlooks the city and the 20th-century Ponce Art Museum.

Every town is a new world with infinite beauty to discover.

Ponce took us by surprise. We fell deeply in love with its mountains and rivers.

We owe a lot of it to our friend Lucas Gerardo (suburuko on Instagram), who took us around his town and shared its secret beauty with us.

Video: Bárbara Cruz & Fernando Samalot
Music: Fernando Samalot