Pristine waters, caves, museum and a lighthouse.

It was used by pirates to hide their treasure, later it served as a meeting place for Freemasons. Leatherback and hawksbill sea turtles abound. Almeida cave there for you to wander into. Sure, snorkeling around the reefs is a most

Coffin Island or Dead Man’s Chest tours. 

Is an uninhabited island off Ponce in the southern coast of Puerto Rico. The island is protected because of its native turtle traffic. It can be reached by ferry from La Guancha Boardwalk sector of Ponce Playa. Together with Cardona, Ratones, Morrillito, Isla del Frio, Gatas, and Isla de Jueyes, Caja de Muertos is one of seven islands ascribed to the municipality of Ponce.

Two trips from La Guancha. One at 0830, the other at 1030 returning at La Guancha approximately at 1630 and 1800 respectively. Be there 30 minutes in advance.

From La Guancha Boardwalk, get the feeling of the site.

There in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Multiple experiences; a ride to Coffin Island, thirty minutes out in the sea is my favorite. But you can stay and enjoy the food, music and dance.

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Isla Caja de Muertos (Coffin Island) Lighthouse

There are a few explanations of how Isla Caja de Muertos, or Coffin Island, got its name. The shortest and perhaps least interesting one is that a French Explorer thought the outline of the island resembled a coffin on a table, but a more dramatic tale involves the nineteenth-century Portuguese pirate, Jose Almeida. Almeida became enamored of a Basque lady in Curacao, married her, and took her off to sail the seas. Tragically, the new bride refused to remain below decks during her first raid experienced aboard the pirate ship and was killed by gunfire. Almeida sealed his bride’s embalmed body in a glass box, protected by a copper coffin that he placed in a cave on a deserted island near Ponce.

Each month, Almeida would return to the island, pay his respects to his true love, and leave a part of his newly acquired treasure with her. Years after the pirate Almeida was executed in Puerto Rico for his plundering, a Spanish engineer gave Coffin Island its name after discovering the cave containing the coffin of Almeida’s wife.

Isla Caja de Muertos Lighthouse

Coffin Island and the rest of Puerto Rico was wrested away from Spanish control in 1898 by the United States, and shortly thereafter the Lighthouse Board recorded the following description of Muertos Island Lighthouse in its annual report.

This light-station is on the summit and in the center of Muertos Island. The light is fixed white, varied by a white flash every three minutes, is of the third order, is 297 feet above high water, and is visible for 18 miles. It is shown from a cylindrical tower on the center of a one-story, flat-roofed dwelling, which is gray with white trimmings. The tower is 41 feet high from its base.

The light was begun in 1882 and was finished in 1885 by the Spanish, at a cost of 39,412 pesos, and it is used as a guide along the southerly coast of Porto Rico. The lamp and clockwork of the lens were repaired, a new cover was fitted to the cistern, the windows were repaired, the walk around the building and exterior and interior walls were cemented and the lens clock was repaired.

Isla Caja de Muerto | Coffin Island en la costa de Ponce, Puerto Rico

Tour Coffin Island | Caja de Muerto
Tour Coffin Island | Caja de Muerto










Take a look at La Guancha area…

La Guancha in Ponce, Puerto Rico before María
La Guancha in Ponce, Puerto Rico before María



The main known company doing the trips is Island Venture. Deluxe Round Trip Ticket includes a light buffet, water, sodas and local bear. Also included are snorkeling equipment, Kayak, and paddleboard. $70.00 per person for all ages (plus taxes and natural resources fees) They charge from the ages of four (4).

Alternatives: AskWalter 787-432-8092 for a private trip where you can take all the equipment you want and be there as long as you need to.