Hacienda Lealtad was Founded in 1828

Hacienda Lealtad Owner, Edwin Soto Ruíz, Interviewed (Spanish) by Walter Rivera Santos

A historic and ecological paradise. It was founded in 1828 by Juan Bautista Enrique Plumey (Corsican and French descendants located in Puerto Rico since 1815). He was a high-quality coffee producer who did document the export of Puerto Rican coffee to Amsterdam and Denmark.

Let’s get to know the creator of this tourist complex, Hacienda Lealtad. Edwin Soto Ruiz, a peasant jíbaro from the neighborhood named Pezuela, also in Lares, Puerto Rico. He was raised in a coffee farm near the Hacienda Lealtad. As a child, his family interacted with the hacienda, and use to walk barefoot through the fields as a child. He lived the glorious moments of it. His grandfather was her butler.

His experience led him to revive the farm to a state of maximum quality, cleanliness, and beauty. He has collected, through years of research and effort and money, furniture and equipment of the time. In the video, you can see this equipment, machines, cars, and furniture.

Edwin Soto Ruíz is also an owner of a National Security and a pharmaceutical and commercial cleaning businesses, a certified as ISO 9,000. This implies a high degree of cleanliness at the level of pharmaceutical facilities here in Puerto Rico. These businesses have allowed him to acquire and restore the Hacienda Loaltad impeccably.

Hacienda Lealtad was completely restored to its original state, which provides an experience of the past two hundred years.

Tours Dates & Prices

Three “Tours” are provided on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00 AM, 1:00 and 3:00 PM. Tours all week long for groups of 15 or more people. You need to call to coordinate: 787-432-8092 AskWalter

Free: Up to five years old

$15.00  Ages 13 to 64

$12.00 ages 65 and up

Ecotourism: Processes and technologies used in Hacienda Lealtad to produce high-quality coffee.

Historical: Stories like El Grito de Lares, which leaves the Hacienda Manuel Rojas up to the Hacienda Lealtad. From the Hacienda Lealtad, they descend to the town of Lares for the revolt against the state.

Reservations: 787-432-8092 with Walter Rivera Santos. 

Know that The Hotel Boutique and Pomarosa restaurant Hacienda Lealtad are under repair as of June 2018. Soon to be available for your enjoyment. You will see them on the tour. Events The Hacienda provides rooms with capacity for 200 up to 300 people. Also, next to the Café Bistro we have rooms for ten people and a second for thirty. If it is a simple birthday celebration, you can use the bistro terrace for free. Just call Walter to set a reservation, the bigger the group, the earlier the reservation should be.

The Cafe Lealtad Bistro Menu

Creole tapas, churrasco, ribeye, dorado with almond sauce, prepared salads and local products. Their coffees, their specialty, produced in a model processing plant, with the most modern technology. This processing plant is capable of processing all the coffee Puerto Rico produces.

Bistro Hour

0900 – 1800 Monday to Wednesday

0900 – 2200 Thursday to Sunday

Podcast with photos of a tour at Hacienda Lealtad.

Posted by Walter Rivera Santos on Sunday, April 9, 2017

“how to ger there”
Go to barrio Buenos Aires Rd 128 Km.14.78 In Lares, Puerto Rico 00669