“Bith of the New World”

The monument «Birth of the New World» by Zurab Tsereteli is in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

The concept “How Europe Discovered America” was created by the artist Zurab Tsereteli, and to be realized in two monuments:

the sculptural composition “Birth of the New Man” – in the Old World and the “Birth of the New World” in the New World.

The idea of creating a monument expressing the new era, commemorating the memory of the historical event that changed the course of the world history and opened new horizons for an understanding of the surrounding world and human possibilities has been approved by UNESCO.

On October 18, 1994, the UNESCO Director-General Federico Mayor Saragosa led the inauguration of the small replica of the

sculptural composition “Birth of the New Man” in the inner courtyard of the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. Now, this sculpture is the collection of UNESCO along with works by Picasso, Chagall, Giacometti and other masters.

Largest statue in the United States

Birth of the New World

The first part of the project has been completed and installed in Seville (Spain, 1995) – there was an unveiling ceremony for the bronze monument “Birth of the New Man” dedicated to the discoverer and great navigator Christopher Columbus.

it was presented as a gift to the people of Spain from the Government of Russia. The numerous reviews noted the great significance of the monument as a symbol of new historical realities, human desire for the unknown, an opening of new opportunities and prospects.

Developing the idea of the discovery of America as a beginning of the unification of our planet’s continents, the artist Zurab Tsereteli has created his sculptural composition “Birth of the New World” which presents the image of Columbus having a different plastic interpretation and scale corresponding to the proposed site of installation – in Puerto Rico, in one of the coast resort areas.

The choice of the territory in Puerto Rico is due to both to the historical correctness (Christopher Columbus discovered it during his second voyage and in fact, it is the only US territory discovered by the great navigator himself), and the interest of representatives of the local authorities supporting the project.

Roberto Alsina, architect of the firm Rame PSC is in charge of the project of the statue “Birth of a New World” located in Arecibo in Puerto Rico. Mr. José González Freyre is the promoter of the project.

We all are happy because the monument resisted hurricane María in 2017. The cost of its assembly reached $ 15 million but adding now the repairs after the hurricane. Stay in touch with WalterSites for updates. Always AskWalter at 787-432-8092