Why Working and Vacationing, at the same time, in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Business Environment

Unique working environment, a complete vacation spirited workplace

What about ADVENTURES? Those tourism attractions out of the common path, the culture, the people?

Seriously, work and play, permanent vacations!

We at WalterSites got plenty for you. AskWalter will customize your needs toward an unique vacation. PuertoRicoAdventurePackages.com provides just that, a customizable experience per your guidelines. Need guidance, more how to in Puerto Rico? Use SpeakPipe and send us a voice note. We video answer for free!




Life is moving to fast and I need to stop it!

Logo Puerto Rico 250 x 133 blankA thought on life, incompressible and hard to take home. The happiest moments are so few and sorted out between years across the spectrum of your life, sixty years on my case. So, how to make it better, how to get a life of real purpose and enjoyment while serving your family, community, business and and the World?

Look at it, a refreshing green island dividing the Atlantic and Caribbean waters. An island full of life and rich natural wonders, Puerto Rico. Not everybody move on to know the wonders of the world. Are you? Actually it gets worst. People are trap on their daily routing and immobilized. Happens everywhere.

Lets take a look at what you can expect here in Puerto Rico. Be aware on how much of it wonders are unknown to its own people, those living and dying here by generations? Yes, people tend to stay around and very close to their birth site. Reason why the tourism industry relies on less than one percent of the worldwide population. Yes, most people are locals and stay as such for life. Yes, it applies to you. You probably marry a hometown girl, did you? Going out opens a myriad of opportunities.

Now, getting to know your own country creates a sense of greatness. Powerful values are added to your own life. Why is that? Simple answer here. Your life purpose is clear to yourself. Your mind brights, your eyes shine and you smile more often. Suddenly you are happier all over.

WalterSites.com, LLC  provides a window for you to live a life with purpose. Most people get to understand what they have just when they loose it. In this case, you need to travel to actually appreciate what your country is all about. Reason is that numbness to greatness sets in and you become blind to the power of your own land and country.

So, get out of your place, take off and go places. You will be a new person when back at home.

Pack and Go

The truth is, that we are to tied to the daily life. Work, schedules, budgets, health, family… are all ropes tying you and your senses are telling you that there is no way you can go on vacations. Is that true for you?

Yes, I am going on vacations next year… or the one after! For how many years are you telling yourself that story?You need to live, move on, do things and be happy outside the box you are in now. You need to pack and go!

WalterSite.com, LLC provides a customizable “Adventure Package” to move your life onto a new and exciting path, empowering feelings that changes your life and that of the ones around you. So come up to Puerto Rico!

Click here to customize your own dream vacation

Time schedules are flexible, also the experiences you want are also open to your wants and likes. Just click to move on and become alive once and for all.

To your health and happiness!

Walter Rivera Santos

CEO WalterSites.com, LLC

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